This weekend we celebrate the Twenty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time, but we also commemorate the eighth day after the Assumption. It is the feast of Mary, Queen of heaven and earth! This feast often gets overlooked but it tells us some very important things about our beliefs concerning Mary.

In the ancient kingdom of Israel, the king held total power. We might expect that his “second-in-command” would be his first wife (the queen) or the crown prince, but we would be wrong. Second only to the king in authority was the Queen Mother! For example, when Solomon was king of Israel, Bathsheba (the Queen Mother) was the second most powerful person in the kingdom. However, the Queen Mother could never act on her own authority – she could only make decisions according to the mind of her son, the king.

It is in this sense that Mary is the Queen of heaven and earth. She does not govern according to her own desires, but only in accord with the mind of her Son, the King. Her mind is perfectly in accord with his, and her heart is perfectly conformed to his. She does not think nor act apart from Jesus.

Never be afraid to run to Mary. Never be afraid to honor her too much. She will always lead you to Jesus, for she loves him perfectly just as she loves you perfectly. Always remember, too, that Jesus loves and honors his mother, so you will never be able to love or honor her more than he does!

Fr. Ryan







































































































































































































































































































































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