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Effective immediately, all public celebration of Masses in the Diocese of Evansville have been suspended by decree of the Bishop. 

- All baptisms, funerals and weddings will celebrated outside of mass with immediate family present only.  For a wedding the bridal party can be there as well.  Baptisms will be celebrated one child at a time. 

- The Church and Adoration chapel will be open for personal prayer, keep in mind social distancing and being sure that you stay home if you have symptoms of illness.


- I WILL BE MAKING MASS AVAILABLE ONLINE AT 9:30AM SUNDAY.  MORE INFORMATION ON THAT SOON.  I will also be looking at ways to provide other opportunities through social media and the internet to connect as a community online. 

For those that would say, "we shouldn't do that, we should just have faith"  I offer you the following quote from the Baltimore Catechism:

“We must carefully guard against expecting God to perform miracles when natural causes may bring about what we hope for. God will sometimes miraculously help us, but, as a rule, only when all natural means have failed.” – The Baltimore Catechism #1154

I love you all very much.  It breaks my heart to not be able to see and pray with my people.  However, I think it is a wise decision that helps slow the spread of the disease. 

Let us continue to pray daily for the end of this virus and like St. Padre Pio said "Pray, Hope and Don't Worry." 

In the Heart of Christ,


Fr. Claude "Dusty" Burns


































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